Health Monitoring Systems makes the difference when time matters most.

About Us

Health Monitoring Systems collects and analyzes health-related data in real time via a Software-as-a-Service model. We take care of the technology and systems so healthcare professionals can do their jobs more successfully and efficiently.  HMS is committed to improving healthcare by providing better information and tools to individuals and institutions.

HMS services increase our clients’ understanding of regional health conditions, improve the quality and efficiency of their operations, and more easily help meet governmental and accreditation standards. 

Our EpiCenter service collects, manages, and analyzes health-related data for public health.  It allows users to quickly and easily access the specific information they need.  Complimenting EpiCenter is Mergence. Mergence is the first open source data integration engine based entirely on XML.  Both are designed to help accomplish critical and common daily tasks.

Public health responds more effectively to existing and emergent threats to public health and safety by using EpiCenter, our community health surveillance system.  EpiCenter provides early evidence of potential threats to health and a clear view of current health conditions.  Officials use their time and resources to respond the threats.

Hospitals increase efficiency by relying on our expertise in automated analysis and review of clinical information for non-clinical purposes.  Routinely collected patient information is used to assist in a wide range of areas, including billing, mandatory reporting, and case management.

In today’s regulatory climate, hospitals are continually using more time and resources to document compliance and meet mandatory reporting requirements. Healthcare professionals meet the constant challenges of regulatory compliance with Mergence.  Mergence uses existing data to automate the process. 

Users get the information needed to make data-driven decisions.  Whether in public health, healthcare or other health-related organizations, we help ensure that resources are used more effectively and focused on the right issues.