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Provide services that focus healthcare resources on existing and emergent threats to community health.

Dedication to Public Safety

Protecting the safety of the public sits at the core of our mission and guiding principles.  We view our services as a public trust.

Commitment to Openness
We believe in the rights of users to access and modify the source code of the software that they use.  Whenever possible, we support open source projects through contribution as well as the creation of new projects.

Emphasis on Quality
We have built our business on quality.  We use tools that allow us to track issues during our development and support processes, providing us with the ability to manage and organize issues, with the highest level of professionalism and quality.
Devotion to Outstanding Service
Our success as a company will be defined by the service we provide.  Our goal is to establish the highest standards for technical and customer service.  To achieve these high standards, we have focused on ensuring that as a company we are responsive, transparent, and proactive.