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Public Health Professionals’ Meaningful Use Conference Call: Join In

In the discussions we’ve had with our EpiCenter users, one topic is on everyone’s minds—the challenges of implementing Meaningful Use and Syndromic Surveillance. Some clients have moved further along in the process than others, but the common thread we’re hearing is that a collective effort of insight, ideas, and assistance would be of great benefit.


Upcoming Webinar Provides Insight into Health Information Exchange

Health Monitoring Systems is committed to providing Public Health professionals with resources that give insight into Meaningful Use, Health Information Exchange, and Syndromic Surveillance challenges.

On Tuesday, May 29, the Health Information and Technology Practice Group and the Public Sector Health Lawyers Task Force will hold a webinar to explore Stage 2 Meaningful Use criteria regarding electronic reporting. The webinar, “Public Health Reporting Through a Health Information Exchange,” will cover techniques for streamlining or automating mandatory reporting for infectious disease surveillance and other public health reporting requirements. Panels will explore models for electronic reporting and address security safeguards.