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UK Health Protection Agency Unveils Upgraded Syndromic Surveillance System for Olympic Games

Just in time for the 2012 London Olympic Games, The UK Health Protection Agency has made upgrades to its syndromic surveillance system—including a new emergency department system and an urgent care system.

Events that bring together hundreds of thousands of fans from countries all around the world have the potential to harbor a disease outbreak. Real time syndromic surveillance makes it possible to track and respond to such an outbreak.


Direct Project vs. HIEs: Maximizing the Value of a Healthcare Dollar

Conceptually, most agree that HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) provide a means to improve healthcare delivery—especially on a regional basis.

So why would Tennessee decide to abandon its plans for a statewide HIE?

This question leads to other questions regarding HIEs, some of which we discussed in our past blog on HIEs: Do too many rights make a wrong?. First, how would an HIE fare in a cost/benefit analysis? Would it show a benefit in line with the time and money necessary to implement and maintain it?


Battle of the Network Acronyms

We all know that acronyms are a quick way to reference many companies and government organizations (our personal favorite is, of course, HMS). But trying to wade through a Meaningful Use document containing 15 different acronyms can be challenging. To help you gain a clearer picture of the key players in Meaningful Use implementation, HMS will occasionally blog on the agencies—and their acronyms—that we all should know about.