Monthly Archives: March 2013

New Study Spotlights How Influenza Spreads

Science Daily reports that “people may more likely be exposed to the flu through airborne virus than previously thought.” The article cites a University of Maryland School of Public Health study that concluded “there are nearly nine times more influenza virus present in the smallest airborne droplets in the breath exhaled from those infected with flu than in the larger droplets that would be expected to carry more virus


2013: The Year of the EHR Switch?

A recent article in HealthCare IT News cites Black Book Rankings showing that “as many as 17 percent of medical practices could be switching out of their first choice EHR by the end of the year.”

17,000 active EHR adopters were interviewed for the study, which found that Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements had made it difficult for some EHR providers to keep up and meet the needs of clients.