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Health Record Banks vs. Health Information Exchange

The advantages of the HRB model are many, as enumerated by a recent article published by the Biomedical Informatics Think Tank (BITT). HRBs would allow an individual to see all of their information in one place without any need to aggregate the information as required by current approaches to HIEs. Applications could be developed to allow users of HRBs to set up notifications for themselves or their loved ones in the event that their account was accessed by a healthcare provider in an emergency situation. Patients could use their HRB to monitor fitness plans and connect with healthcare providers about things like nutrition, physical therapy, and chronic disease management plans.


Novel Coronavirus Infects Hospital Workers in France and Saudi Arabia

Since the beginning of May, a total of 21 cases and nine deaths have been reported form the outbreak linked to a healthcare facility in Saudi Arabia. From September 2012 to date, the WHO has been informed of a global total of 40 laboratory-confirmed cases of human infection with nCoV, including 20 deaths, from 6 countries–France, Germany, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom.


Video: Superbugs are Closer Than You Think

The ETC research team, based at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP), believes that while we can’t beat the bacteria, we can slow them down by recognizing that antibiotics are a natural resource that we must use conservatively if we want them to remain effective. By issuing regular research and commentary on topics such as health care-associated infections, trends in drug resistance, and the costs—both human and economic—posed by rising resistance rates, ETC is laying groundwork for the comprehensive solutions needed to combat this problem.