Health Monitoring Systems makes the difference when time matters most.


Providing outstanding service is at the very heart of what we do.  Using a unique blend of technology and real world experience, Health Monitoring Systems provides services to healthcare and public health customers across the country.

Through blending our experience with innovative technology, HMS offers a range of services from the highly technical to the very human.

EpiCenter is our core service offering for public health.  This service collects, manages, and analyzes health-related data for public health.  HMS’ vision for EpiCenter is to provide an integrated and comprehensive view of community health conditions to public health departments.

MediCenter is HMS’ new service, targeted toward healthcare.  Currently in development, MediCenter will analyze clinical data and provide healthcare facilities with new, unique insights that improve quality and efficiency, while supporting ever evolving compliance standards.

HMS’ Mergence consulting practice is truly a unique offering.  Mergence is the first open source data integration engine based entirely on XML.  HMS offers Mergence, royalty free under an open source license to healthcare facilities and government agencies, in an effort to support the increasing need to share health-related data.  HMS supports these efforts through our Mergence consulting practice.

With highly trained and experienced public health personnel on our staff, we also provide a consulting service for public health.  This service is geared toward health departments that require additional staffing or need to ramp up quickly on surveillance or preparedness issues.

Through our health-related analysis service, HMS works with customers in health-related industries to determine how to improve their operations using data-driven decision making processes.  By using statistical and spatial analysis techniques, HMS spots potential issues and anomalies that effect quality, efficiency, and compliance.

The role of data-driven decision making is expanding.  We are always open to new ideas and opportunities.  If you have one, contact us.  We would love to hear from you.