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Admissions Reporting

EpiCenter’s Admissions Reporting functionality builds upon the core syndromic data, providing a more comprehensive view into patient visit details and trends and providing public health with that larger, more complete picture of health in the community.

On an individual basis, the information gathered from these data shows why a patient visited a facility and whether they were admitted, thus providing a complete view of the visit.  On a larger scale, admission rates can act as a gauge for the severity of an event.  By incorporating these data with registration data, EpiCenter can:

  • Improve situational awareness.  It provides public health with the ability to view and compare these data against other health data, providing valuable insight into the severity of events and a more complete view of health trends in the community.
  • Enhance decision support and allow for earlier response by providing a comprehensive view of visit lifecycle trends.  It appends the admissions to each patient’s visit, and also links multiple visits through the same healthcare facility or health system, providing epidemiologists with a clear picture of that patient’s visit history.
  • Save time by automating reporting.  It eliminates reporting fluctuations from healthcare facilities due to human input, thus resulting in more consistent reports and reduced time spent on data validation.  It also reduces the time spent on standard report creation by automating reports such as admission reporting, logging registrations that result in admissions, and mortality reporting.

Knowing the outcome of emergency department visits is crucial to assessing the potential severity of an event.  EpiCenter provides public health access to this information through its clear and intuitive web interface, allowing them to quickly assess and control the situation in their region.

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