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Outbreak Investigation

EpiCenter's outbreak investigation functionality forms the bridge from analysis to action. 

Chasing down statistical events can become tedious.  EpiCenter helps streamline this process through its investigation functionality.  EpiCenter's automated analysis provides users with a focused list of health-related anomalies.  From there public health can then associate a single anomaly, or multiple anomalies, to a single investigation – saving time and focusing attention where it belongs.

Additionally, the design of the outbreak investigation functionality is intended as the first step towards a more robust outbreak management capability.  By uniting syndromic and case information in a single investigation, public health now has the ability to manage a broader variety of events through one system.

Looking forward, the goal for EpiCenter’s outbreak investigation is to become the hub of activity for public health for event management.  It will build upon the established healthcare facility connections to help communicate and coordinate with the hospital personnel as well as other cooperating health departments.