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Simplifying Syndromic Surveillance

As a Public Health professional, you’ve committed yourself to overseeing and ensuring the health of those in your region. You’re seeking best in class tools and techniques that provide you with the data you need to identify potential health risks.

HMS’ EpiStart Syndromic Surveillance system collects real-time data from hospitals, urgent care centers, and physicians’ practices and alerts officials of any possible health emergency.

EpiStart fills a void in the industry by providing a low-cost solution for states and counties that are facing difficult budget situations. The system allows Public Health professionals to collect critical information in real-time while ensuring that hospitals and eligible professionals connected to the system meet Meaningful Use requirements.

Additionally, EpiStart is a “software as a service” (SaaS) model that requires no ongoing IT support—and no onsite hardware. Because it can be accessed from anywhere via the web, EpiStart is an invaluable tool for Public Health Professionals who need real-time access to health information. It provides peace of mind by monitoring data 24/7 and automatically sends out an alert at the first sign of a public health issue.

Simply put, EpiStart is the simple solution for Syndromic Surveillance. Contact us today to find out more about how EpiStart may serve the needs of your community and the health care professional who serve it.